You won’t find the best quality magnetic picture frames at walmart

Volume & discount retailers focus is on low cost which means lower quality. At Fridgi our focus is on high quality magnetic picture frames, it’s all we do & we have been doing it for over 20 years.

The best quality magnetic frames in the USA are at Fridgi, not walmart

Our goal was (& is) to make the best quality & best value magnetic frames in the world. Our frames cost a little more than what you will find at walmart but they much higher quality. The frames look great on the fridge, our customers tell us that they are the best looking magnetic frames they have ever had.

Our frames are high quality & will last for years, the original frames we made are still on the fridge in our factory, 20 years on. Fridgi magnetic picture frames>> come in a range of sizes, colors & styles that you won’t find anywhere else than on our website.

Check out the range of Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames>> the different styles, colors & sizes.

Magnetic Picture Frames 4x4 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 6x4 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 5x7 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 8x6 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 10x8 for the Fridge