Try some Colored Magnetic Picture Frames

Coloured Magnetic Picture Frames can really brighten up your refrigerator & kitchen. Traditional frames have been basic colors of black, white & wood. Colored frames allow you to really brighten up your photo & frame display. Colored magnetic frames look great on a white refrigerator door.

Colored magnetic picture frames on a fridge

Fridgi magnetic picture frames come in range of bright, funky colors that make you fridge and photos look great. You can choose to have all your frames the same bright color for a uniform, cohesive look. Alternatively you can mix up the colors to make it really stand out.

With colored frames you have the flexibility to match the color of the frame to the color in the photo (the subject or the scenery). Matching colors of the frame and the photo help draw the eye in and focus it on the photo.

In our fridge photo we have matched the color of the photos (subject & scenery) to the frame color (click the image to see this up close). In each fridge frame the main color of the photo or the color of the subject matches the frame. See for example how the orange frame compliments the orange sky in the photo or how the yellow frame complements the person in the yellow shirt.

Fridgi Tough Fridge Frames come in 12 bright colors