Flexi Fridge Set 15 (13-2)

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15 Flexi Frames 
13 – 6×4 Frames
2 – 7×5 Frames
In Silver, Black or White
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Flexi Fridge Set 15 (13-2)

Your Fridge Set comes with 15 Fridgi Flexi Frames (13 6×4 & 2 7×5) so you will need 13 6×4 photos & 2 5×7 photos. Please note you do not need to arrange the frames as shown as each frame is separate and can be arranged however you choose. Layout options are determined by the size of your fridge. The space needed for the arrangement shown is 21x33in (525x825mm).

RRP $106.25
Discount Set Price $95

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Frame Color

Silver, Black, White

See how easy it is to put your Fridgi Frames on the fridge, move them around & change a photo. Fridgi makes it easy – Fast, Simple Framing

The possibilities are endless with lots of frames sizes, layouts & colors available