Refrigerator Picture Frames

Fridgi magnetic frames are the perfect refrigerator picture frames. These stylish high quality frames look stunning & will hold a photo firmly in place on your refrigerator, fridge, whiteboard or filing cabinet.

Refrigerator Picture Frames - Simple, stylish & colorful
Refrigerator Picture Frames - Available in a range of Sizes

Fridgi Magnetic Refrigerator Picture Frames look stunning on the fridge. The frames are high quality with a simple, stylish design that completely cover & protect a photo. You can place the frame / photo holder at any angle & you can swap over a photo in seconds.

Get your favorite photos off your phone & on display. Your photos make you feel good whenever you see them. Easily create a colorful album with these stylish Refrigerator Picture Frames.

Fridgi has been making Magnetic Picture Frames for over 25 years. The Frames are built to last (some of the first frames are still on Mums Fridge after 25 years).

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