Tell a story with a few frames

Use your photos to tell a story. Put a few photos together on the fridge or your photo wall to tell a story. Pick a mix of photos from the same event & have them tell a story.

The BIG week Yellowstone & Vail

Pick photos that give a feel for where it is, who is there & whats happening.

  • Where it is (wide angle/scenery/a sign)
  • Who was there (how people were dressed)
  • What people were feeling (close up of facial expressions)
  • Why you were there (holiday with friends, kids party, wedding etc)
  • A funny/quirky photo is great (e.g. holding up the leaning tower of Pisa or something you don’t see everyday)


On the Fridge you are limited by space so you need to be selective with your photos. On a Photo Wall  you have a lot more space for frames & can use more to tell a story.