Colored Magnetic Picture Frames to make your photos POP!

Colored magnetic frames can be used to great effect on your fridge. Choosing a single color or a mix of bright colors can really brighten up your fridge & your kitchen.

Match the color of the frame to the photo to make the photo or its subject pop.

Click on the Image to expand it & see how the blue, orange and yellow frames have been used to highlight the subject and colors in the frames.

If the a large portion of the photo is a specific color use a frame that complements that color. A photo with lots of Blue in it will look great in a blue frame. The frame helps complement the colors of the photo.

If the subject of the photo is a specific color, or wearing a specific color, match the frame to the color of the subject. This colored frame will help draw the eye in and focus it on the subject.

Fridgi Tough Fridge Frames come in 12 bright colors