Magnetic Picture Frames

Need some Magnetic Picture Frames ? Fridgi Frames are perfect for the job. The Frames look stunning on the fridge. Their unique patented design covers & protects a photo on display (& lets you change a photo in seconds). A few of your favorite photos on the fridge will transform the look of your fridge & feel of your kitchen.

Magnetic Picture Frames for the Refrigerator - Simple, stylish & colorful
Magnetic Picture Frames for the Refrigerator - Available in a range of Sizes

Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames come in a range of colors, sizes & styles. It’s easy to create a unique & personal collection of your favorite photos on the fridge.

Get your favorite photos off your phone & on your fridge ! Turn your fridge door into a celebration of all the good things in your life. Simple, Stylish & Stunning with Fridgi Fridge Frames >>

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Magnetic Picture Frames for 4x4 inch photos
Magnetic Picture Frames for 6x4 inch photos
Magnetic Picture Frames for 7x5 inch photos
Magnetic Picture Frames for 8x6 inch photos
Magnetic Picture Frames for 10x8 inch photos

What to look for in a good quality Magnetic Picture Frame

When choosing a good quality Magnetic Frame there a few things to keep in mind & look out for to make sure your frame will look great on display. Does it 

Good Quality Magnetic Picture Frames cover a photo, are not flimsy & have a plain border
  1. Cover & Protect a photo when on display (cheap fridge frames have the middle cut out & leave the delicate surface of the picture exposed to damage).
  2. Have a Solid Body (not flimsy or floppy) that will support & protect the photo while it is on display.
  3. Have a Plain Border so that the photo is the focus of attention & not the pattern or ornamentation around it. A plain border helps draw the eye in to focus on the photo.

Fridgi make a range of very high quality magnetic picture frames

  1. They are made from a Single Piece of Plastic (so they cover & protect a photo)
  2. They have a Solid Plastic Body (that looks like glass but is 11 times stronger). They flex slightly but are not flimsy or floppy.
  3. Have a Plain Border around the frame – Metallic Silver, Black, White & 12 bright colors (suit any decor at home or work).

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Need Photos for your Frames ?

We’ve made it easy to get your favorite photos printed & into your Frames. Get your photos off your phone & on display !

Get your favorite photos printed for your Magnetic Picture Frames

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Fridgi – High Quality Magnetic Picture Frames

We’ve been making magnetic frames in our purpose built factory for over 25 years (& sending them all over the world). Fridgi Frames are built to last. The very first frames are still on the founder’s mum’s fridge.