Magnetic Picture Frames 4×4

4×4 magnetic picture frames are a great way to display lots of photos on your fridge or refrigerator. Seeing your favorite photos makes you feel good & will put a smile on your face. Put a few photos on your fridge & enjoy them every day.

  • 4×4 great for all your instagram photos. You can put quite a few frames photos up on fridge door
  • Trim down a 4×6 photo. Often you have a photo where the subject is in the middle and so the edges can be taken off and the photo put in a 4×4 frame
  • Put up some 4×4 & 6×4 frames together. Have them spaced out or have no gaps. Arrange the frames in columns or rows.
  • Mix up you frames and have a mix of sizes on the fridge including 4×4, 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 & 8×10

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Magnetic Picture Frames 4x4 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 6x4 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 5x7 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 8x6 for the Fridge
Magnetic Picture Frames 10x8 for the Fridge

Fridgi has been making Magnetic Picture Frames for over 25 years. The Frames come in a range of styles & sizes & colors. It’s easy to put all your favorite photos on display.