Create a Photo Wall with Magnetic Photo Frames

Fridgi Magnetic Frames look great on the Fridge but you can also use them to create a stunning Photo Wall in your home. A Photo Wall is a great way to frame, display and enjoy all of your favorite photos. A Photo Wall will transform the look & feel of a room.

Where can you create a Photo Wall?

On just about any wall in your home or office. Have a Photo Wall in your lounge room, family room, kitchen, bedroom, kids room, hallway or stairs. Add color & personality to any room with a Photo Wall.

Two photo walls showing lots of family photos in the kitchen living area of a modern home

How to create a Photo Wall with Magnetic Frames

You can use Fridgi Magnetic Fridge Frames>> to create a Photo Wall in your home. There are 2 easy ways to create a Photo Wall on a wall in your home of office with magnetic fridge frames

1 – Magnetic Paint
2 – A Steel Panel

Create a Photo Wall with Magnetic Paint

Create a Photo Wall with Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint provides an easy way to create an “invisible” Photo Wall. Brush it on like normal paint (it has magnetically attractive particles in it), when it’s dry it’s magnetic and a Fridgi Magnetic Frame will stick to it, you can use Fridgi Flexi Frames or Fridgi Tough Frames on magnetic paint. You can also paint over magnetic paint so it matches the rest of your room and becomes “invisible”.

Magnetic Paint Photowalls are great for large areas like walls, stairways and hallways. They are also a great addition to a renovation project as a Photowall can be “painted on” during the renovations.

4 simple steps to create a Magnetic Paint Photowall

Step 1 – Decide on position & size.
Step 2 – Mark out the area that you are going to paint. Use masking tape if you need a sharp edge (remember to think to the future and allow for  more photos later).
Step 3 – Paint the area with Magnetic Paint, follow the manufactures direction carefully. After it’s dry test the level of magnetic “grip”. We recommended adding one or two extra coats (above manufacturers recommendations) to give the wall extra “grip”. If you are going to “paint over” the magnetic paint you’ll need to put down an extra coat to allow for gripping through the top coat.
Step 4 – When dry and cured you can put up your photos and frames. Start along the bottom them move up the sides and then the top, then fill the center.

Where do you get magnetic paint? Magnetic paint is available from large hardware stores and specialist paint retailers. You can also google “buy magnetic paint – your city/suburb”. Resene is a company in Australia that manufactures magnetic paint.

Advantages of a Magnetic Paint Photowall

– A paint brush is the only tool you’ll need.
– Inexpensive to put up.
– Frames are held in place by magnets.
– Easy to change or move photos.
– Frames are less than 3 mm outstanding from the surface.

– It can take a few days to complete the process (paint, let dry, paint again…..) and once painted the size of your Photowall is fixed.

Innovative ideas for the creative

– Paint the area that your Photowall is going a different colour, this will define the area, “frame” Photowall and focus attention on it.
– Create an actual Frame around your Photowall to define it’s size and focus attention in on the Photowall. You can use 4 pieces of stained timber to do this.
– Paint over the magnetic paint with chalk board paint (or if available use magnetic chalkboard paint) so you can and add captions to your Photowall.

Create a Photo Wall with a Steel Panel

Create a Photo Wall with a Steel Panel

A Steel Panel provides an easy way to create a Photo Wall. Just put the panel up, then put your Fridgis & photos on the panel. Use a single large steel panel (available for hardware stores & metal merchants) or several smaller panels.

Metal Panels are great for large wall areas and down hallways.

3 simple steps to create a Photowall with a Steel Panel

Step 1 Decide on position and size.
Step 2 Put up the Panel(s).
Step 3 Place your photos & Fridgis on the Panel(s).

It’s easy to experiment with different frame layouts as you can move the frames around until you have a layout you like. Anytime in the future that you want to change the layout it’s easy, just move the frames to the layout you want.

Where do you get large steel panels? Most large hardware stores will have metal panels, you can also google “buy sheet metal – your city/suburb”. A common panel size is 8×4′, white is a standard colour. Buying direct from a sheet supplier will save you money. See our “Innovative ideas for the creative” below for a simple way to use a metal panel.

Advantages of a Steel Panel Photowall

– Provides a cost effective way to create a large Photowall
– Smaller metal panels provide a simple modular solution and you have flexibility in size, shape & layout. It’s also easy to add panels over time
– There are several methods available to attach a panel to a wall; adhesive (liquid or double sided tape) screws or nails
– Frames are held in place by magnets
– Easy to move photos
– Easy to change photos
– Frames are less than 3mm thick so they barely stand out from the wall

Innovative ideas for the creative

– Create an actual frame around your metal panel to focus attention in on the Photowall. You can use 4 pieces of stained timber to do this.
– Have a series of vertical rectangular panels for a long space, like your hall or stairway, have each panel tell a story, by year or by event.
– A really simple solution is to get an 8×4 sheet of plywood and glue a 8×4 metal panel on to it. The wood provides support and you can use a thin metal panel to save money and weight. You have a large photo wall panel that you can just lean up against a wall. You can use a small hook or screw to anchor it against the wall.

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We’ve got a brand NEW wall mount framing system coming soon! We think it is the easiest way to create a Photo Wall ever!

  • You won’t need any tools or holes (traditional frames or canvases need holes & hooks – ours don’t)
  • There will be multiple attachment options to get the Frame to the wall
  • Get your frames lined up and on the wall in minutes (not hours)
  • The frames are adjustable so you can fine tune their position & angle (traditional frames or canvases aren’t adjustable)
  • Change a photo in seconds (with a canvas you can’t change the photo, with a traditional frame its complicated)

If you want to know when it’s launched we’ll let you know (& we’ll let you in on some special launch prices and deals) just fill in your details below

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Why have a Photo Wall ?

1) A Photo Wall is a natural mood lifter – Research has shown your photos lift your mood. Don’t let them be forgotten on your computer, phone or facebook. Put them on display and enjoy them everyday.

2) A Photo Wall makes a great piece of decor – A photo wall adds color & life to a room. It’s your art, it’s unique and it makes a great conversation piece (friends will try to find themselves on your photo wall – guaranteed).

3) A Photo Wall reminds & inspires – Looking at photos reminds you of fun times & inspires you to go and do the things you love more often – travel, party with friends, spend time with your kids and family.

4) A Photo Wall protects your photos – A print is the safest way to store a photo, with a photo wall your photos are both; on display and protected. Left on your computer Or phone they’re at risk of hard drive failure and loss.

5) It’s easy to display lots of photos together – The photos and frames take up little space and eliminate frame clutter.

A Photo Wall is a great addition to any home. Magnetic Frames make it easy to swap or add photos when you have new ones you want to add to your Photo Wall.