magnetic photo frame with a black and white photo

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Kate bought 6x4 & 8x6 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"All good! They are great, exceeded our expectations, so that’s always a bonus! Keep up the good work is all we can say, and we will be back. Cheers, Brenda”
Brenda bought 75 6x4 & 5x7 Fridgi Flexi Frames

"We have recently moved in to a new home with magnetic walls so this is a perfect product for our needs, thanks”
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"The photowall looks great and I’m really happy with the final result. Thanks for the earlier email with the attachments with layout suggestions of the photos on the photowall. This was very useful”
Edmund bought 70 Fridgi Flexi Frames for a Photo Wall

“Our kitchen has a new look with all the Fridgis on our fridge. What a brilliant idea! ”
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"Thanks for the follow up, all I can say is the frames look great on the fridge and great service”
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Athena bought 25 Fridgi Flexi Frames

Put your Kidsa art on display with Magnetic Picture Frames

Put your childrens art on display with magnetic picture framesIt’s easy to put you kids art works on display with Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames.

The larger Flexi Frames>> are the perfect size for the drawing and paintings that the kids bring home from kindy and school. It only takes a few seconds to put a picture up, and it only takes a few seconds to change one.

You can make the art the focus of the refrigerator or you can surround it with family photos. Put several pictures up to turn the fridge into a mini gallery.

If you really like the art you can create a gallery on the wall with the Fridgi frames and Magic Mounts>>

Magnetic Picture Frames on a Mirror

You can put Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames up on a mirror, just use some Magic Mounts. It only takes a few seconds and your favorite photos look great on the edge of your mirror.

Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames on a Mirror

See Magnetic Picture Frames>> for more information on the magnetic picture frames.

See Magic Mounts>> for information on Magic Mounts and how easy they are to use (just peel & stick).

See our Magnetic Frame Inspiration Gallery>> for lots of other ideas of where you can use Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames.

If you are a first time visitor to Fridgi head to the Fridgi Magnetic Frames Home Page>> for an introduction. If you are after magnetic picture frames you have come to the right place. We have been manufacturing magnetic photo frames for over 17 years and we make what we consider the worlds best magnetic frames, they are different to many other magnetic frames on the market and much higher quality, see High Quality Magnetic Photo Frames>> for more details about our magnetic frames.

Magnetic Picture Frames on a Cupboard

It easy to put your photos on display at home. With Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames>> and a few Magic Mounts>> you can quickly and easily create a photo display on a cupboard door in your kitchen, hallway or bedroom.

28 colored Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames on a Cupboard Door

Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture Frames>> are available in a range of bright and fun colors.

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames>> are available in a range of different sizes.

For ideas on how to display your photos at home in Fridgi Magnetic Frames>> see our Inspiration Galleries>>. From a few on your fridge to an entire Photowall of your favorites Fridgi Magnetic Frames make it easy.

New payment options

We have added PayPal to the choice of payment options, So when ordering your Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames you can choose to pay with Visa, MasterCard or via PayPal.

More magnetic frame ideas for your fridge

We have added some more ideas for arranging your photos on your fridge and refrigerator. See our Inspiration Galleries>> here.

You can see ideas for using Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames on your fridge.

A few Fridgi Flexi Silver Magnetic Photo Frames on a fridge

And ideas for using Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture frames on your refrigerator.

Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture Frames

See our Inspiration Galleries>> for lots of ideas on how to display and arrange your Fridgi magnetic photo frames.



New Sizes for Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames – 4×4 magnetic frames, 6×4 magnetic frames, 5×7 magnetic frames, 6×8 magnetic frame, 10×8 magnetic frame

We have added a lot more sizes to the Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Picture Frame range. You can now frame a range of different sized photos with our Fridgi magentic photo frames. We’ve added 4×4 magnetic photo frames, 6×8 magnetic photo frames & 10×8 magnetic photo frames to the range (the 6×4 magnetic photo frames & the 5×7 magnetic photo frames we’ve always had). The new sizes are available in Silver, Black & White

See for more info on the new sizes.


Fridgi Flexi 4x4 Magnetic Photo FrameFridgi Flexi 6x4 Magnetic Photo FrameFridgi Flexi 5x7 Magnetic Photo FrameFridgi Flexi 6x8 Magnetic Picture FrameFridgi Flexi 10x8 Magnetic Picture Frame

You can use the different sizes to add variety to your photo and magnetic frame display on your fridge of photo wall. The large size 5 x 7 magnetic frames, 6 x 8 magnetic frames & 10 x 8 are well suited for putting large photos up on a photo wall. The large sized 6×8 frames and 10×8 frames also make great focal points on large photo wall’s. You can see how on our Photo Wall page.

One large 6×8 magnetic picture frame can also make a great focal point on a fridge or cupboard sized photo display.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our customers and visitors. We hope you’ve had a great holiday and got to catch up friends and family.

If you took lots of photos try find your very favorite ones, print them out and put them on display (don’t leave them on your computer and forget about them).

Put some photos on your fridge with Fridgi Magnetic Picture Frames>>

Put some photos up on a cupboard, mirror or wall with Fridgi Magic Mounts>>

Or create a large Photo Wall in your home, see Fridgi Photo Walls>> for info on how to easily create your own Photowall.


Some New Year Resolutions to consider

1) Sort out all my photos – Go through and organize all your photos, the ones on your camera, on your phone and on your computer.

2) Create backups – Once you have sorted out all your photos (categorized, sorted and stored in the one place) create a back up (hard drive, cd or dvd, memory stick or in the cloud)

3) Find all your favorite photos and print them out so you can display and enjoy them.

Display them with Fridgi magnetic picture frames. Put some up at work, some in your kitchen. If you have lots create a Photowall. One of the great benefits of using Fridgi magnetic frames is that is easy to change photos whenever you want. Each year you can have an “update” of your favourite photos. The other benefit of Fridgi magnetic photo frames is that if you don’t want to take down a photo it is just as easy to add a new frame to your display.


We hope you have a great year, full of fun, friends, family, laughter and adventure!!!


Ian and the Team at Fridgi



Coming soon – Flexi magnetic frames in 4×4, 8×6 and 8×10

Coming out in 2012 are some more sizes for our very popular Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames>>. We have had lots of people asking for more sizes so we are adding 4×4, 8×6 & 10×8 Flexi magnetic picture frames to the Flexi range. They will be available in Silver, Black & White and will make a great addition to a photo wall. The 8×10 sized frames make a great “center frame” in a photo wall, you can surround this photo with lots of other sizes to make an impressive photo wall.

Fridgi magnetic frames above a couch to create a stylish photowall

Fridgi makers of the worlds fastest and most versatile photo framing system. With Fridgi magnetic photo frames you can put photos up on most vertical surfaces in your home or office, from the the fridge to an entire Photowall.

New colors for Fridgi Tough Magnetic Frames (6×4 & 5×7 Photo Frames)

We have added yellow & lime to the color range of the Fridgi Tough Magnetic Picture Frame>> range. These colors are available for both the 6×4 Tough Frames & the 5×7 Tough Frames. These frames add a bright touch to your fridge or photo wall.

Fridgi Tough Magnetic Photo Frames, available in a range of bright colors

Great color combinations for your refrigerator frames include orange & yellow, or light blue & lime, or aqua & lime, or orange & aqua.

Tough Magnetic Picture Frame available in 12 Colours

Fridgi makers of the worlds fastest and most versatile photo framing system. With Fridgi magnetic photo frames you can put photos up on most vertical surfaces in your home or office, from the the fridge to an entire Photowall.

6X4 Magnetic Photo Frames

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Picture Frames available in a range of popular sizes

Fridgi Flexi Magnetic Picture Frames are available for 6×4 & 5×7 photos. 6×4 is the most common snapshot sized print, 5×7 is the second most popular. Fridgi Flexi magnetic photo frames are well suited to putting photos on your fridge or filing cabinet. Flexis are great for slightly curved fridges and photo walls.

Flexi Magnetic Photo Frames available 2 sizes, 3 colors & 5 pack sizes

Fridgi makers of the worlds fastest and most versatile photo framing system. With Fridgi magnetic photo frames you can put photos up on most vertical surfaces in your home or office, from the the fridge to an entire Photowall.

Magnetic frame holding a valentines day photo gift

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